Working with me

I am an Australian born girl who has recently moved to Budapest, Hungary after living in London for nearly two years. I am a passionate writer and photographer who loves to explore the world and document my travels. I love to work with businesses and individual clients in creating unique and relatable content. 

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Freelance writing 

If you've come for a fresh point of view or an honest review you have come to the right place. As a freelance writer I pride myself on being up to date with global affairs and newest products and trends. I have been travelling my whole life and l have lived in three different countries before the age of 20 which I think has helped to form my unique and worldly writing style. I love researching and learning new information and am willing to go the extra mile in creating the best end result for you. My main areas of writing include, travel, lifestyle, social media, fitness and culture.

Freelance writing services:

  • Articles in travel, lifestyle, social media and culture

  • Blog articles (guest posts)

  • Product reviews

  • Pitch emails to businesses


Social media coaching and strategy consultation  

Over the years I have become more and more involved in social media platforms in large scale businesses and consulting them on strategies and management of their platforms. I promote organic growth and content by giving your followers value.

  • I will work closely with you to create a social media plan for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter tailored to your individual needs

  • I will help you to run your platforms and create a month or longer term worth of content depending on your needs

  • Provide you with resources and an ebook full of tips and social media hacks to branch out by yourself


I love working with people! Its no secret that I enjoy getting myself out there and trying new things. If you wish to collaborate with me these are some things you should expect:

  • I will give an honest review on the product, I am all about growth and constructive criticism and trying to produce quality and truthful content

  • I will show photos, videos, posts and stories of the product and attach the link when necessary

  • Personalisation is important to me and making our collaboration work for you is one of my highest priorities

    If you're interested in collaborating please drop me an email at:

Some of my projects so far…

Au courant

Architecture Book

I created this book as a part of my high school final exam when I was 18. I used Adobe Indesign and illustrator. Architecture is about creativity, expression, and pushing boundaries and I want to be able to show this through the book, in layouts, the architects I have chosen and the range homes and buildings featured. New home owners or people that wish to renovate could find this a good resource to allow them to explore the possibilities that they could create with their home.

Find my book online here:

Move to Be You


So excited to share with you my article that has been published by Move to Be You. A NGO that focuses on promoting movement in your everyday life through fitness, activities and community. I wrote this post in collaboration with Move2BU to promote fitness and wellbeing.

Find it here:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 1.12.13 PM.png

Calisthenics movement

I am a partner in the Calisthenics in Budapest movement which was founded in September 2018. It is a fantastic group that brings people together through fitness and working out in the outdoors. Everybody is welcome to join our group and the best thing about it is its totally free.

Find it here: