Writing Services

Jordan is a passionate and experienced writing professional, who has been writing for magazines, blogs, digital and social media in various fields including, travel, fashion, lifestyle, motorsport and health.

Jordan offers flexible service arrangements from single jobs to long term contracts depending on your business needs.

As a freelance writer Jordan prides herself on being up to date with global affairs and newest products and trends. She has been travelling her whole life and has lived in three different countries before the age of 20 which I she thinks has helped to form her unique and worldly writing style. Jordan loves researching and learning new information and is willing to go the extra mile in creating the best end result for you. Jordans main areas of writing include, travel, lifestyle, wellness, social media, fitness and culture.

Freelance writing services:

  • Articles in travel, lifestyle, wellness social media and culture

  • Blog articles (guest posts)

  • Contracted writing on a monthly or weekly basis by providing content for your blog and social media outlets


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