Getting your brand name out there: Workshop

Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try
— Michael Jackson

This quote has been popping up in my life for the last couple of years at first I didn’t understand it until I started taking risks and trying new things and even failing at some, it taught me that failing is still trying and that’s what counts. I would rather fail at 100 things than have tried nothing! For me, I feel that I have tried the things I wanted to and have figured out if they’re going to work for me or not. Over the summer I decided to try something different and that was holding workshops. I have been organising workshops and co-working meet-ups for creatives in Budapest under the group Budapest Creative Hub, which I created about a year ago when I first came to Budapest with the hopes of bringing creatives like local business owners, digital nomads and freelancers together to create, collaborate and connect.

They have been a lot of fun with interesting and inspirational people attending each time but it doesn't stop with workshops, we have also been holding co-working meet-ups where we head to a cafe and work in the company of each other. If you attend be prepared for anything because we never know where those afternoons will lead us, I once stayed at one of our meetups from 10:00am to 22:00pm. The idea behind my workshops is to create a discussion in a relaxed and judgement-free environment, I don’t want people to feel like they’re back at school attending a lecture so I create my workshops by picking a topic that I am knowledgeable on and use in my own business, I brainstorm some questions and create the discussion from there. It’s been interesting hearing other peoples opinions and views on topics in business and the struggles that people face. These sessions create a small community where we can help each other with resources and advice. My passion is to help people in business and shares knowledge so I have written this post based on my notes from the workshop to give you a little insight.

While reading this article feel free to answer the questions in the comments or ask any you have yourself that pop into mind.

Throughout my recent workshop, we spoke about getting your name out there as a brand or business. This can be a huge topic so I tried to mainly focus on the importance of networking and how important it is to play to your strengths and being aware of who you are and what you have to offer. Getting yourself known in your industry can be an important factor in your businesses success, when I say that I don't mean being the top name, I mean being known in your city or town and creating relationships with people in the same boat as you. In what I do I find a lot of people are focused on their online presence and image and not so much their offline which is equally if not more important.

I want to ask you why do you think it’s beneficial to be known in your industry?

If you want to become known in your industry there are 3 main things that come to mind:

Content creation - in some form whether its writing or speaking you need to share your ideas so that other people know what your ideas are it seems obvious but not a lot of people do it necessarily 

How do you share your ideas? And if you don’t why not?

Social proof - that means what are your credentials, what kind of creditability do you bring to the table so when they hear or see your content they can say ‘oh clearly she knows what she’s talking about’ and they can associate you as a trusted brand or resource  

The third is your network, you’re known by the company you keep if you’re wanting to be a leader in your field and no one has heard of you that’s generally a problem. Networking can be critical because of its a way of building relationships with people who can be early ambassadors for your ideas and business and can help you make them better. It’s definitely something I have put a lot of effort and time into over the past couple of years and it’s paid off. 


Networking doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as easy as going to events and workshops. Let me show you how easy networking can be, check facebook for local entrepreneur, digital nomad or business events in your area or even head to your local co-working space and I want you to find someone in the room that you don’t know and start talking to them! 

Yay, now you all have a new friend! I want you to talk about what you do and your business while thinking about how you could work together or if you could recommend them to someone you know.

Okay, amazing! This is networking, creating a web of connections throughout different industries not just your own. In networking, I find it super interesting how much you can learn from others and hear the different perspectives on something that you do.

As much as I encourage sharing online I think it’s super important to attend events and group meetups, there's nothing better than creating an emotional connection with people that you can’t really get through a screen. The people you meet can also become good friends, I’m lucky enough to have a few of mine attending my workshops and they can become your biggest supporters and motivators. Surrounding yourself with people who are doing great things makes you want to do great things too. 

Have you been to a networking event before and what was your experience? Or if you haven’t what would you expect?

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself in this context means understanding your strengths and weaknesses and also understanding what you can offer. The situations where this can matter most is when you’re networking and meeting people for the first time. Your first impression can really count, especially if you’re talking to a potential client, business investor or someone you idolise. Now we talked about this briefly at the beginning and that's where your social proof and creditability of what you can offer comes into play.

Knowing yourself and your limitations mean that you don’t need to try and make what you do sound better because you can already trust in your skills. For example one of my friends who is a professional photographer specialises in interior photography. This means that he will not agree to take photoshoots of people or objects. He has successfully niched himself down and only markets to that target audience and is well known in that industry.

Do you think finding your niche or being someone who is the jack of all trades but master of none is better? And why? 

To tie this altogether, today I wanted to give you a basic insight of how you can start building a network and becoming known in your industry and encourage you to get yourself out there as much as you can and show you that you can get further by promoting your strengths and knowing what they are.

During the workshop, we dived deep into a discussion about social media and the impact it has had on business and networking. We had a wide range of ages in the group and everyone had different views on the power of social media and the good and bad effects it has had on small and start-up businesses. We also discussed while it's great to network and meet people you should always be cautious and trust your gut if you can feel someone has ulterior motives. It's happened to me a few times where I have put trust in someone I shouldn't have but you learn from these experiences and that's how you grow.

I’d love to know your thoughts on these topics too and if you found it useful to read about the workshop because I would love to be sharing more with you about my business and workshops!

Stay lovely!

Jordan x