Self care and mindfulness interview with Homebody Club

A couple of weeks ago I had a self care night, I decided that I would take some time for myself to relax and do some of things that I love face mask on, lavender in my diffuser and in the bath with a good book. I am always looking for new people to follow and freshen up my feed with some real inspiration before I jumped into bed for the night I came across an account called Homebody Club. 

I was intrigued, I started to look into it and I loved the style and the message that the girl behind the account was putting out. Discussions about wellbeing, self care and mindfulness caught my eye so naturally I contacted the account owner to find out more and have a discussion of our own about her thoughts on mindfulness and self care and how it has become a topic of conversation in the health industry. 

I’ve been able to connect with great people like Lucy from Homebody Club and personally I have found that I have made a lot more positive connections in my life after setting aside some time in my day to practice these two things. Mindfulness helps you to practice living in the present and being open to receiving positive and negative moments and it has had such a positive effect on my outlook and relationships. I’ve even convinced my friends to try it with me so they can feel the benefits of it too!  

So lets jump right in and get to know a bit more about Lucy:

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy, I’m 26, an Aries and currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a marketing manager by day and editor of Homebody Club (a newsletter, book club and blog) by night.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is definitely now a buzz word, with connotations of face masks and bubble baths.

Personally, self-care is more than just a “treat yourself” mentality. It’s about taking care of your mental and physical health so that you can live a life that benefits yourself and those around you.

Examples of how I practice self-care are; allowing myself to say “no” to things when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, meditating and reading before bed and having a relaxing lavender foot soak (add extra Epsom salts for a hit of magnesium!).

How would you say Mindfulness has affected your life and your relationships with others and with yourself?

It’s definitely had a positive effect on my life overall. 

I’ve learnt to be less reactive to people or situations. I now try to sit in the moment and thoughtfully consider the situation including why I may be feeling a certain way (because when we feel triggered it’s more about our self rather than the other person or situation). 

I am also more present and in the moment, I feel a sense of gratefulness now wash over me at the small things and I’m getting better at expressing this. 

I think there is an idea that you can only practice self care at home. What are your thoughts on this or ways that you could practice in different environments? 

Self-care can be anywhere! It can be just taking a 10 minute break for yourself, meditating on the train, catching up with your best friend over a wine or seeing your therapist.

For myself, I used it a lot when I was in a stressful corporate job. I did things like go for a quick 10-minute walk around the block when I had the chance or listened to my favourite podcast or Spotify playlist whilst doing emails.

Last but not least, what type of platform/community do you want to create through your blog and what messages do you want to promote?

Homebody Club was built on the need for cultivating meaningful relationships in the digital age. With mental health issues rising, rates of loneliness increasing and as a society always feeling like we need to be “on”, Homebody Club believes nurturing the relationships with ourselves and with others is crucial for our overall wellness.

My hope is to create a safe space for us to come together and talk about topics like personal growth, wellbeing and mindfulness.

These discussions are currently shared through our weekly newsletter “good things you need to know”, our monthly book club, blog and on Instagram ( .

Thank you so much to Lucy for being a great interviewee, I hope that my readers could take away some helpful tips and information that they can use on their own self care and mindfulness journeys. I look forward to see what’s to come from Homebody Club in the future.

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Jordan x

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