Best cafes to work from in Budapest

The weather has taken a turn in Budapest, we’re no longer walking around in dresses in the sunshine, we’re now covered in layers under our coats and seeking out cosy places with hot drinks where we can work. As a business owner, I spend a lot of time working from home but I love to work in the company of others too, over the past year I have sought out places that enhance my creativity and give me inspiration when I work in them. I also run co-working meetups in Budapest, I am always on the lookout for new places to try.

Hygge has become a huge trend in decor and lifestyle and I feel like it’s something I definitely try to channel in winter so why not head to a cosy cafe that has it in the name! Hygge Budapest is on the Pest and is the first of many places at the end of the Bálna. I work within the motorsport industry with one of my clients, with motorbikes in the cafe how can I not be inspired in my work! Make sure you grab a seat next to a power outlet and I guarantee the time will pass you by! I could easily spend a day here eating the delicious lunch and drinking their speciality coffees.

When I need some quiet time I look no further than Magvető Café, it’s a very chilled out space in the heart of the city. Sometimes it is used as a theatre which is why there is tiered seating which you can sit on with your laptop on the box in the middle. They also have the best cheesecake in town on selected days, so make sure you give that a try if they have it! This is usually my go-to place between meetings when I want to get some work done. It is a very bright atmosphere with natural light pouring in through the huge windows. If you like to read Magveto also happens to be connected to a book store which has something for everybody!

When a cafe sounds this sweet how could you not want to go, Blue Bird Cafe is in one of my favourite areas in pest and is nestled away off the busy main road. There are two levels to this cafe, I prefer working at the top level, mostly because not many people know it’s there and it can be a lot cosier! My regular order is the nachos with guacamole and an iced coffee, yes iced coffee even in winter… The wifi is very fast and the staff are very friendly and attentive! You can even have your portrait drawn on your coffee cup downstairs which is an added bonus to their already cute and quirky vibe.

I’ve been looking for a place to hold my branding and social media meetings with clients for a while and finally, I have one! Six Letter Coffee is the new kid on the block and although it’s not the closest place for me to get to I don’t mind the trip at all because of how great their dedicated work and meeting space is! I have already held many meetings here over the past couple of weeks and there is no fault in this cafe! The food is great, the vibe is fresh and organic, the staff are happy to help you with anything and their coffee is finom! I can imagine this being a great place to grab some brunch with your friends too!

Heading over the river to the Buda side [ my side ;) ] I have my local favourites when I don’t feel like going far. Addicted 2 Caffeine doubles as a wine bar at night so you really have the best of both worlds with this place! There is a small dedicated tech bar for people working on laptops which is really cool because I have met lots of creatives and freelancers in my area here. Another plus is Addicted2Caffeine is pet-friendly this means I can bring my little puppy along, I usually do! It’s surprisingly quiet inside even though it’s on the main road, the food is yummy and they have delicious fresh juices! My order is usually a banana matcha smoothie!

Sometimes I feel like taking my mind on a trip and that’s when I turn to La Panne, which is my little bit of Paris in Budapest. They have delicious cakes and pastries that are sugar-free and vegan and fresh juices for any mood! It may look small upon first glance but there is a whole section hidden away if you venture further in. The staff are very helpful and if you go there enough they will know you and your order by heart. This is 100% a winter cafe with a french vibe and cosy treats!

How could I write a list of my favourite cafes to work in and not include My Little Melbourne, my little slice of Australia in Budapest. I come here when I feel a little homesick and want to snuggle up somewhere with familiar food and drinks. What I get really depends on what mood I’m in, for example, my food and drink combos include a chai latte with a lamington, Bundaberg ginger beer with a slice of quiche or a regular latte with a double choc Byron Bay cookie! I don’t tend to sit here and work for long periods, it’s usually my stop between meetings when I need a little refresh. Downstairs I like to sit with the plants and read a book or write ideas in my notebook and stay off any technology!

Last but not least my latest local work hotspot is Ono Poké Bowl & Bar, I have been here a few times since it’s opening a few weeks ago and I am impressed! In Australia, poke bowl cafes are basically every second shop but this is the first one in Budapest. The atmosphere is very bright and fresh, lots of natural light and the music is very chilled out. Its decor is Hawaiian themed which matches the great selection of food! The Salmon soul bowl is delicious and so is the wasabi chicken (it’s not too spicy). There are lots of powerpoint outlets and it is a great spot to kick back and get some work done on the most creative street in Budapest, Bartok Bela!

If you’re wanting a space to hold a meeting or want somewhere to work put these places on your list! Budapest is a creative hub for designers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and business owners and I’m sure if you hang out at any of these places you will find some of them there!

Stay lovely!

Jordan x

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