Where the heck have you been

I know you're probably thinking that I've dropped off the grid completely BUT my friends I am back! I have been completely distracted with everything that has been happening in my life!! Nevertheless here I am with a life update! 


Since you last heard from me I was in the process of moving to Hungary which has been an absolute blast. My boyfriend and I are living in his apartment next to Lake Balaton which is a gorgeous lake full of fun vibes throughout the summer. Much to our dismay when I first got here we soon realised that we would have to start getting my visa as soon as I could so that I could stay in Hungary for more than 3 months. After about 10 visits to the immigration office and staying up countless nights trying to find out what I needed, plus making sure the information was correct we finally got it sorted and my residency permit is on its way (I will be writing a visa post soon so you can get in on all the feels and how I did it). 

We spent the first 2 months settling in, visiting friends and getting ready for my birthday! I turned 20 in July this year and it was a super special birthday! My mum came and stayed with me and we had a fab weekend exploring Budapest together. I also got taken out to a castle for my birthday dinner, which also happens to be one of my favourite places to go to in Budapest.

The day after my birthday a big music festival was on in the next town from where I live so you can bet that we had weekly tickets! The festival is called Balaton Sound and oh my god it was mega! There were so many amazing artists and they definitely knew how to put on a show! I was actually quite surprised that the stage that had underground rap and grime was by far my favourite and they were the best performers I saw! 

My favs were:

  • Big Shaq (you've definitely been under a rock if you don't know him ‘Mans not hot’)

  • Giggs (UK rapper)

  • Chainsmokers ( US DJ's and singers)

  • DJ Snake ( French DJ)

  • Night Lovell ( US rapper)

  • Akkezdet Phiai (Hungarian underground rappers)

After that week we were still in the process of sorting out my visa and we were going between Budapest and Siofok (on Lake Balaton). Siofok is a cute little town that is the party capital of Hungary during the summer. Our apartment is one street away from the bar and clubbing strip which is always super fun to walk to on the way to the beach.

We were then lucky enough to be flown over to England to attend the Silverstone classic on behalf of World GP Bike Legends. This was an amazing opportunity as we got to help run bike legends side of the event. Prepping the riders to go out onto the track, speaking to people attending the event, managing time schedules and selling merchandise and making the most out of it! I became the World GP Bike Legends pit girl for the second year in a row and went onto the grid with all of the riders and their bikes which is always fun! We got to work alongside very talented people in the motorsport industry and the riders that made it what it is today! We’re very excited to attend their next event in Portugal this October.

We then had a about a month where we attended meet ups in Budapest in things we are interested in and tried to learn as much as we could about the fields of work that we want to go into. Both my boyfriend and I have an entrepreneurial mindset which means we are on the same wave length when it comes to things like business and we know how to support each other in our different goals. Its honestly been great to have this freedom and look into lots of different avenues of business and really see whats out there.

The next month we attended another festival for our friends birthday called ‘Strand Festival’ which was held at the same location as ‘Balaton Sound’. This festival is more alternative and their were a lot more Hungarian artists but we did get to see Rag n’ Bone Man who was AMAZING. I have never heard such a talented male singer before and his performance and connection with his songs and the audience were incredible. Strand was a super fun time of dancing, drinking and eating hotdogs!

While all of the festivals and parties have been majorly fun my boyfriend and I wanted to take the time to chill out after living in London. Our lives were pretty full on there with working, renting and everything else that comes with living in such a fast paced (overpopulated) city. Its been nice to have some time to sit back and try new things out and the things we felt like we never had time for!

I now have my own kitchen and love cooking and planning out new yummy and healthy meals and having the freedom to take my time and learn how to cook things rather than rushing it. I’m not quite masterchef yet but I’m getting there. I have also began to do freelance work ( so if you want to hire yours truly, head over to ‘Working with me’ to see how) I have always loved writing and creating and have always thought about making that part of my career so now I am. I will be keeping you in the loop of projects that I am working on and when my business is officially launching and I couldn’t be more excited!

I do have one more little piece of exciting news but it does really deserve a full post dedication so make sure to come back at the end of the week to see that!

I hope you enjoyed my summarised life update and are still with me up until this point! I’ll see you all very soon because I’m back! Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been up to this summer!



Jordan xx