Moving countries....again

If you have been following me and my blog for a while you will know that I moved to London from Australia at the start of 2017, that was one of the biggest decisions and moves that I had made to date. Fast forward a year and a half and here I am moving again. This time to a country I have visited twice, I cannot speak the language of and is technically even further away from my home. HUNGARY! 

After having a few months of ups and downs in London I pretty much decided in a month that I needed space from this city which was pretty much-crushing everything that I had planned, that's when I decided that I would be moving to Budapest with my boyfriend. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is indeed Hungarian and that made everything a little easier knowing that we had a flat to move into straight away when we arrived there. 

We packed up all of our stuff and within a week it was all shipped off to Hungary and we would soon be following it.


My reason for moving

I felt as though London had given me everything it had to offer at this point in time.  After employers treating me badly one after another, having to argue with a company to adhere to the contract they provided me, them refusing to send money that they owe me (which is horrible in a city that is so expensive to live in), losing money on flat scammers who disappear and countless other things I felt that right now London wasn't the place for me. I don't think you ever truly know London until you live there. It is an amazing place filled with opportunities and wonderful things but there is another side that you don't discover until a couple of months down the track which is not so glamorous.

I also want to explore the world and experience different things and cultures so when I had the opportunity to move to yet another country before the age of 20, of course, I was going to take it. I already absolutely adore Hungary with its delicious foods and gorgeous views so I thought it would be a good place to destress, to work on myself and business ventures.

Hungary is also a lot cheaper to live in than London and not having to constantly stress about what bills I have to pay, my rent and how much I spend on groceries each week has already made a difference two weeks into living here! 

Let me know about your moving experiences and if you have any tips for me about living in a new country.

So there you have it a very brief explanation into why I moved. I will keep you updated with lots of new posts that are soon to be published. As always have a great day! 


Jordan xx