Kings Day Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear that name? And don’t lie to me and say its the beautiful tulips everywhere….

Last weekend I ventured to Amsterdam and I have to say it was the best thing that I could have done. After a tough month in London with one challenge after another I finally caught the break that I needed. Amsterdam exceeded my expectations by far, it felt like such a clean city (compared to London), the streets were so quaint with little boutique shops on almost every corner, the canals were so gorgeous and I loved seeing the boats cruising down them.

My boyfriend and I bought the tickets last year in anticipation of Kings Day, which was originally the celebration of the Queen but changed to Kings Day in 2014 after the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. If you don’t know what Kings Day is its basically a huge party in the streets where everybody is dressed in orange, with all of the coffee shops turned into stages with Dj’s and music and food stalls/markets lining the streets. Its lots of fun with lots of people from all over the world. I bet most of them don’t even know what they’re celebrating, they just came for the party.


Our flight got in from London around 9:00am and we hit the streets straight away. Dancing at stages, drinking, making friends and walking down every street to find the best street food! When it reached around 15:00pm we decided it was time to check into our hotel and leave our backpacks there. We found the metro very easily and went 8 stops to where our hotel was and oh my god was I impressed. I knew the hotel looked nice online when I hurriedly swiped through trying to find a place that wasn’t going to take half of my bank account to stay at but when I saw the stunning countryside and river that our hotel looked over I knew I’d hit the jackpot. 

The hotel was situated at a place called Gaasperplas and was called The Golden Tulip Amsterdam Riverside Hotel. The hotel staff were so lovely throughout our whole stay and I couldn’t recommend this hotel more. Our room overlooked the river and an adorable farm house with horses, we even had our own balcony! The restaurant downstairs was something I haven’t seen before. It was all fresh produce, with a fruit bar with fresh smoothies and fruit salads, a wood fire pizza bar where you could choose all of your own toppings, a fresh sandwich bar, a fresh meat and salad bar which had a grill where they cooked the food in front of you and of course a sweets bar with toffee and fudge…YUM! We almost didn’t want to go back into Amsterdam, I had a quick shower and we caught the metro back to the parties.


The next day (which was a Saturday) we woke up quite early considering we had a big night and we headed downstairs to have a morning coffee and food. We then walked around the grounds of the hotel and down the boat ramp onto the lake, it was such a relaxing morning. No sirens or people in sight. Then it was pizza time, ever since we saw the freshly made pizzas we knew we had to get one! We ordered a pizza and some fresh pasta and then we went back into Amsterdam for the afternoon. To be honest we walked around and did the touristy things, I got a picture with the IAMSTERDAM sign and saw Anne Franks house which I would’ve loved to go into (and definitely will some day) but the line was crazily long and it was starting to rain! It was a nice lazy Saturday, after we got fed up with walking we went back to the hotel for dinner and I had the mot divine piece of Salmon on top of freshly cooked spinach and chips with homemade tartar sauce. I then put my head down on my pillow and I was out like a light. 


We woke up a bit later on Sunday and took full advantage of the 12:00 check out time. I packed, asked the front desk to print off my boarding pass and we went downstairs to have breakfast/lunch. The salmon was so delicious from the night before that we both had it for lunch! We then sadly handed back our room key and left one of the best hotels :(  

Since we were in Amsterdam I thought it would be stupid not to go and check out the Red Light District and see what it was all about. For a country girl from Australia who has never seen anything like this in her life I must say it was quite an experience and just one of those things you have to see. It started to rain quote heavily and it was late afternoon by this time so we decided to call it a day and head to the airport to catch of flight back to London. 

I had a nachos and my boyfriend had a pint at an Irish pub in the airport right next to our gate and once we had finished we boarded the flight. After an hour delay flying out I had one of the scariest landings of my life into London City Airport, the wind was so strong that the plane was practically sideways going onto the runway that I thought the wing would snap off!! Luckily we landed safely, then I had to go through border security which was another hour long wait which was thoroughly disappointing but thats a story for another day!! Finally we jumped on a train and were home in no time. I had a shower and jumped straight into bed! 

This small weekend getaway was one of the best little trips I have done in the past year! It was so relaxing and gave me some space to clear my mind. The location of the hotel was so tranquil that I never wanted to leave. For anybody thinking of going to Amsterdam just do it! Theres something to do/see for everybody! 

Let me know below your expertence with Amsterdam and if you loved it just as much as me! There were too many photos to choose from so please enjoy this little gallery :) 

Dank Je and have a good day! 

Jordan x