Sometimes quitting is the right choice

In our world the average person will change jobs and career paths ten to fifteen times and thats  before you're 40 years old! I can safely say that I will definetly exceed that limit. Over the past year I have changed career paths about 5 times and have had at least 10 different jobs and I'm only 19! Some things aren't worth sticking around for. 

There are new industries and jobs popping up every day and to be honest its hard to keep up with and decide which one is best for you. With forever changing  job specs who wouldn't want to dip their biscuit in more than one dip! Social media has had a big influence on the workplace environment in recent years as employers are now having to motivate us more to inspire us to stay at our 9-5 jobs. Kitchen bars with free snacks and drinks are pretty cool but does it really make the cut when you could be travelling the world documenting your life and getting PAID to do it? 

Are you starting to feel a little like this guy? 


Waking up in the morning is always the hardest part especially on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend at home, or so I thought until I was crying on my bed one Wednesday  morning trying to get my boyfriend to convince me that I didn't have to go to work that day. My work was not only sucking the life out of me when I was there but it was effecting me outside of the workplace too. Being upset about going to work every morning not just the occasional Monday is a sign that maybe that job isn't the right one for you. 

I also had no motivation at work, my manager would push all of her work off to me and because I had only been there a couple of months I went along with it and got it done. I was bored from finishing my own work so I wasn't too bothered about having to do extra things, it was more that I got no appreciation or credit for it whatsoever. When theres no motivation or appreciation for the work that you're doing it just becomes something that you do and not something that you're proud of. I love creating things that I'm proud to call mine, even if its a sign to say somethings out of order because I handpicked that font, those colours and the hilarious meme to go with it! 


I think the biggest sign of them all is if you can't see yourself working there in the future or actually getting in anywhere in your career, why are you still there?

I've learnt over the years that I don't feel satisfied if I haven't helped somebody or achieved anything in my work. My generation is always on the lookout for the next best thing and maybe thats why we're never satisfied with what we've got because we always want more, to do better and be better. After 2 weeks of going back and fourth about quitting my job, I walked into my bosses office one day and made the split second decision to quit and damn it was one of the best things I have ever done. 


I have always been set on owning my own business and after working for some big companies I can see that I am definitely an employer not an employee. I don't like boundaries and things that close your mind and limit you, I don't appreciate my hard work not being appreciated and I certainly don't like being another cog in the wheel. 

Let me know about your experiences in quitting your job or about how you want to quit your job now and make sure you're following my social media accounts to keep up tp date with my daily shenanigans!

Au revoir et merci

Jordan xxx

Ps. 3 more weeks and I'll be in Amsterdam baby! Any suggestions on must sees and dos?