Spanish summer getaway

I've never been to a more crazy city that is so calming. One of Spain's many wonders is the people that live there. They're a fascinating bunch who sleep during the day and party all night. Not just weekends but every night of the week.


Last year when I was travelling I ventured down to a small town called Sitges, around 30 minutes out of Barcelona. The windswept beaches and golden rays make me fall in love with it instantly, over and over again. The streets are narrow and lined with quaint houses all covered in mosaic patterns, above you washing hangs strung between the buildings like sails in the wind. The people are warm, an effortless smile to any passerby and their dog's playful barks echo through the square. This isn't my first time sunny Sitges far from it.

There's so much to do in this small town. In the main centre, the streets are packed with boutique stores full of unique Spanish clothing pieces some with a western style influence. The clothing is very modestly priced for what it is and the quality. Being a Nike lover I know a good deal when I see one. So when I saw a brand new pair of Nikes for 40 euros...I had to have a pair.

Sitges is one of my favourite small cities, when I think of relaxing my mind will drift there. If you're looking for a new adventure out of a bustling city then this could be what you are looking for.

Stay cool kids

Jordan xx 


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