Do you have Social Jet Lag? Its all about a good sleeping pattern

To most people, weekends and weekdays are two completely different things. On a usual weekday night, I try to go to bed before 11pm but on the weekends I'll be up until the AM partying with friends and oversleeping during the day to compensate for that time. This habit is something a lot of people tend to fall into and it can be damaging to your sleep cycle in the long term. It is an issue called "social jetlag" where sleep deprivation due to a disjointed weekly sleeping schedule makes us less effective during our waking hours. If you've ever been on a long haul flight you will know this feeling! 

If your sleeping schedule consists of you getting up late and going to bed in the a.m you may start to suffer from the side effects such as lower mood, an increase in health issues and more sleep dysfunction than people who have a consistent sleeping pattern. Weekends are pretty much a made-up thing for humans to give us a break and it isn't something that's built into our DNA. 


Humans have a complex system of internal clocks. Do you ever find yourself waking up 10 minutes before your alarm? That's because your body has programmed itself to waking up at that time so that it's awake and ready to function. When you throw something like weekends in the mix where you have no specific time to wake up your body starts to configure itself to those times. If you disrupt your sleeping pattern continuously it can lead to "pathological insomnia and circadian rhythm disorder". This is why sleeping experts advise keeping a constant sleep and wake cycle, including the weekend to sync your body to a normal rhythm. I know what you're thinking, you still want to go out on the weekend and have fun but if you can imagine a world where you're not tired by 1pm maybe its something you'll want to consider...


Through a study at Yale university doctors found out that many working men and women report sleeping 6 hours or less during the workweek, "They develop a state of partial sleep deprivation and debt. This sleep debt needs to be satisfied over the weekend, so we go back to normal homeostasis." Sleep debts from the weekend need to be resolved over the working week, and sleep deprivation, while you've been working late you need to get the right amount of rest too.

In the world we live in today there are more things keeping us up than partying and friends. Technology has become such an integral part of everybody's lives that we are on it from the start of the day when we turn off our alarm to the end of the night when we're turning it back on. I am guilty of this and I am sure you are too when I say that people spend hours scrolling through news feeds on Facebook, Instagram and twitter endlessly. Studies suggest that the reason we have trouble sleeping can be because we are using our devices right up until we go to sleep. The bright white light triggers sensors in our brain and stimulating the same sensors we have when its daytime.  

If you keep a stable sleeping pattern for the duration of a seven day week then you should have the best quality zzz's of your life and make sure you put your phone down 1 hour before you go to bed to let your body and mind rest and get ready for the full 8 hours of sleep that you're going to have!

If you still have ongoing sleep issues I suggest seeking medical advice as I am not a doctor or health professional, just a girl trying to crack the code of life! 

Stay cool! Vaarwel (goodbye in dutch because I'll be in Amsterdam soon!!!)