The ultimate cheat sheet on a healthy lifestyle (without being vegan)

In this era living a healthy lifestyle is very appealing, it has almost become a trend to post pictures of your precisely placed healthy food all over the internet just so people know that you're healthy. It seems silly, right...? In the way that you're trying to represent yourself as someone who lives a healthy lifestyle to impress people and fit in. When it comes down to it a healthy lifestyle is something that makes you happy and fulfills your day to day life. This can be achieved by discovering what makes you happy and what is good for you and incorporating that altogether. 

In order to start living a healthy lifestyle, you need to realise that you're body is a temple and that you need to take care of it.  It is your physical being that takes you through life and if you are repeatedly abusing it by eating unhealthy foods it will quickly wear out. While you may look okay on the outside your insides might be feeling a very different story. Life is a precious thing and you don't want to be letting yourself down with unnecessary health problems. You should never take your health for granted.

Here are some tips to get you on your way to having a healthier lifestyle:

Tip 1: Drink water. Most people neglect to drink as much water as they should on a daily basis. Our body is made up of over 60% of water and it is needed to carry out all bodily functions, therefore, we need to be replenishing it constantly. Also drinking water alone can aid in losing weight, clearing skin and aiding to your body functioning efficiently

Tip 2: Sleep! When you don't sleep enough your body will start to compensate by wanting more food and it usually isn't a craving for healthy foods. You can definitely get more out of your day if you're more awake and present rather than being tired and slumping through the day.

Tip 3: Take time out to meditate. There are plenty of apps and tutorials that can take you on a guided meditation. This can be very good for your body, mind, and soul by clearing your mind and taking you to a place where your brain can rest.

Tip 4: Exercise. This is one of the most important things in your life. Movement is crucial every day, not just twice a week. Taking 15-20 minutes out of each day can help bring huge benefits to your health. It can aid in weight loss and can increase your life span by keeping up a regular exercise routine.

Tip 5: Eat more fruit! They're packed full of natural vitamins and minerals, unlike synthetic vitamins which can sometimes lack.

Tip 6: Cut down your processed food consumption. Many processed foods contain a high amount of salt, this can lead to higher blood pressure and heart disease. This is something that can be easily avoidable, supermarket foods are usually highly processed and it can be hard to know what you're looking for. Venturing to a fresh food market or a health food store you will be able to find a range of organic unprocessed goods, eat natural foods as much as possible.

Tip 7: Love yourself. This may seem a little trivial but loving yourself and accpeting who you are can lead to an overall happy and healhty life. It is overlooked in this society today becasue most people are trying to be someone else but the few that know who they are and love themsleves for it are the ones winning.

Tip 8: Get rid of negativity from yourself. Sometimes you can be caught in a bit of a rut, bad things happening in your life can shape the way you think and the way that you treat people around you. For me last year something impacted my life emmensely. I got stuck in a rut. I had negativity and sadness come over me until I decided that I needed to face it and talk about it, thats when I realised that being happy is a decision so that is what I chose.

These tips are a few things that I have started to implement in my life, they've helped me with my outlook and to strive to live my life to the fullest and to be as healthy and happy as I can be.

I’m currently overseas at the moment and I can’t wait until I’m back home and can start sharing some new and exciting things with you!  

Have a fab hump day 

Jordan xx


ps. A shot I recently took of the beautiful parliament building in Budapest, Hungary 

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