Budapest trip and my top 3 places to see

Budapest has to be one of the most visually stunning cities I've seen. Night and day the city is lit up, if not by lights, the people who live there. After being introduced to this culture a year ago leading up to my next trip to Hungary I was beyond excited to eat as much of their food as I could and walk around and immerse myself in the architecture and history. 

Not alot of planning went into this trip, we booked the bus to the airport the day before and the next day we were on the plane flying towards colder temperatures than London. We landed and I have to say the cold was very different to London. It was dry and I didn't feel freezing! I must say there was still no way that I was going to take off my ski jacket! 

We were staying in Budapest at my boyfriends apartment and pretty much went to sleep as soon as we got home. The next day I was up pretty early and ready to get out and about. Leading up to this trip we had been following one of our favourite places The Donut Library on instagram and could not wait to take a bite into one of their delicious Nutella Bueno donuts, so as you can guess that was the first place that we headed on Saturday morning! I hope you're drooling over the pics as much as I am writing this now. 

Over the course of a week, I went skiing and had the slopes completely to myself, ice-skating on one of the biggest ice rinks I've ever seen on top of a river, getting lost clubbing in the ruin bars, walked up to the beautiful Royal Palace at nighttime overlooking the city, and went to one of the most highly rated restaurants in Budapest. I had such an amazing trip jam packed with so many things that I don't think I could put it in one post. What I'm going to do is give you:

Jordans Top 3 places to visit in Budapest:

1. The Royal Palace

You can’t miss the this beautiful palace, mainly because you can see it from a mile away, standing tall watching over the city below. The palace is one of Budapest's most distinct features as it makes up an integral part of the cities famous skyline. This majestic building not only boasts beautiful architecture but is also the home to the Hungarian National gallery and the Budapest History museum and is close by to other landmarks such as the Sandor Palace and the National Dance Theatre. I was lucky enough to walk up there at night time and be able to look over the lit up city in all its glory. The magnificent building only gets bigger as you get closer and is well worth the walk. don't worry, if you're not into walking there is an alternate route, a funicular that will take you to the top.


2. Ruin Bars and Clubs 

Budapest has a HUGE nightlife and party scene and I highly recommend for you to check it out! The area’s top party places are all within easy walking distance from each other, so explore and walk the streets and you'll be sure to find somewhere that you like. While there are plenty of restaurants and cafés to be found, this area is particularly famous for its ruin pubs. Must-see venues include Simple Kert, Fogashaz and Mazel Tov. In the warmer months, garden bars and rooftop venues are very popular. There are so many lively hotspots that you can easily stumble upon by walking the streets and at the end of the night don't forget to grab a slice of pizza for 200 forints! 

3. The Parliament

The Parliament in Budapest is hands down one of the most intricate and beautiful buildings I have ever seen. It is the perfect example of Neo-Gothic Architecture and thats accented with every turret. Its a beautiful walk along the Danube and up the steps beside the road to get to the parliament which you can then walk all the way around. I haven't been for a tour inside but I have had a few recommendations that they are very good and well worth it. 

I hope this post fuels the travel bug inside you! I'm already getting excited for my next trip, Amsterdam here I come! 

Jordan x 

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