How loose change can make you look good

Going on a night out can be hard sometimes, especially when its spontaneous and you have nothing to wear! A few nights ago I decided last minute that I would go out with some friends and stay the night, it seemed like a great idea at the time until the sad reality hit that I had nothing to wear and I was too far away from home to change into anything. Not game enough to delve into my savings account I dug deep into my wallet fishing for loose change and stray cash...finally I found enough to make £30. A decent amount of money which I was going to make go far. 

My outfit crawl started in Notting Hill, I immediately went to a second-hand store and found a little black dress with the tags still attached for £8 (I price checked it online, original price: £20 from MONKI). 

Shoes were next on my list!! Even though there is a prejudice against this store (slightly contributed to by myself) I ventured into Primark as one of my friends told me their footwear was pretty decent. I found a super cute pair of heels which had a fluffy part on the top which I thought was pretty cute and fun for a girls night! I bought them for £12.  Some jewellery caught my eye as I was leaving, I grabbed a pair of teardrop rose gold earrings for £1 and a thin rose gold bar chain necklace for £1.50.

I had a bag at the time that I could take but in the case that you didn't Accessorize have plenty of bags for under £10 which can be used on more than one occasion. After shopping for my outfit I was all done and I even came in under budget! 


GRAND TOTAL:  £ 22.50

 After going back to our room and getting all dressed for the night I realised that I might need some tights otherwise I might freeze! I raced down to a trusty Marks and Spencers and grabbed a pair for £2.50, which still kept me under my 30 pound budget!

I think sometimes people think you have to splash out a lot of cash to look good and I'm guilty of spending quite a bit on designer clothes over the years and as much as I love to, I'm not sure my bank account feels the same way. After this day I found out that I could find some cool second hand clothes at a market and I can't wait to explore some more that London has to offer. Some of the items quality could have been better but for the price I paid they have lasted considerably well and I'll keep you updated on them! Moral of the story if you ever need an outfit hit up your local thrift shop or market!

Comment on any of my photos if you spot any items from this post! ;) 

Jordan x