Setting clear intentions for the New Year

It seems like a few months ago I was starting to write my new year resolutions for 2018, as I started to read through them and compare them to what intentions and plans I have now its crazy to see how much has changed. Things that I prioritised before don’t seem to matter so much now and things that weren’t even on the list are somehow at the top of my new one. How much do you think you’ve changed in a year?

Setting an intention is like drawing a map, you can create the path on which you want to go and it can become a driving force to your conscious. If you don’t create an intention there is no map which means there’s no destination. Intentions are the fuel that brings your goals and dreams into reality. Here are some of my tips to discovering your intentions and setting them for the year ahead:

  1. Keep it simple and positive, you want things that makes you happy and something you will be motivated to pursue for yourself.

  2. Intentions need to be things that you believe in, its not something that can be forced otherwise you will want to procrastinate and lose track off what you really want to achieve.

  3. You need clarity, write down every little detail about dreams that you have. If you can imagine it then it can become your reality.

  4. Seeing is believing, I like to stick post it notes on my mirrors on the back of doors or on my laptop this helps to retrain your subconscious mind to take on a new belief.

  5. Do it for yourself, set intentions that will help improve your life and make it better, you need to be willing to let go or presumptions and fears and be ready for a new journey and path.

Now don’t go thinking you can’t change your intentions throughout the year, people change and circumstances change thats just a way of life which you need to become adaptable to when creating your intentions. You might not reach them but you need to be driving yourself towards something to progress even if that path changes. You can set new intentions for everyday if you’d like. For example, while you’re driving you can intend to arrive to the destination safely and on time or if you’re having lunch with a friend you can intend to be positive and enjoy your time together.

These are some examples of intentions that I use in my everyday life:

  • I intend to manifest happiness naturally.

  • I intend to respond first, and then react.

  • I intend to lead by example.

  • I intend to be open to success and abundance.

  • I intend to stop taking things personally.

  • I intend to forgive others, and myself.

  • I intend to love unconditionally.

  • I intend to make meditation a more important part of my lifestyle.

  • I intend to make someone smile every day.

These were the very first intentions that I created fro myself and they have stuck with me.

I like to remind myself everyday what I am grateful for as well and set my intentions for my day by saying “I am happy, healthy and open to giving and receiving”

Setting intentions is a fun and positive process where you can really take time to learn about yourself and figure out what your real goals are. Don’t let yourself feel pressured by other people to have certain intentions and goals because as i’ve said before this is all about you and what your dreams are not anybody else’s.

Create your map and destination and work hard to create the fuel to get there.

What ways are you going to set intentions into your life?

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