When you can only take a backpack

I used to be the sort of person who would turn up to your slumber party with a suitcase, because I always liked to have a choice of what I was wearing the next day but when I moved over here and started to go on weekend trips I soon realised it cost a lot of money to bring a suitcase for just two days. Some airlines are quite lenient with what hand luggage you can bring aboard and others a ruthless, whipping out a tape measure and making you pay for being half a centimetre over. That's when I learnt how to travel with just my backpack and still manage to take everything that I need. 

I'm flying to Milan in two days and I've already started mentally packing the things that I need to take. To start this off I usually make a list of the essentials which would be: passport, tickets, hotel booking, phone charger + adapter +portable charger and underwear...which I somehow always manage to forget. I always like to have a printed copy of my tickets and hotel booking just in case something happens to my phone or I can't access my emails. Better safe than sorry and out on the street.

I then move onto what I'm going to wear, what you're doing on your trip affects this. I know that I'm going to be walking around Milan sightseeing and maybe go out for dinner at night. So I need a pair of shoes that can fit both of those occasions. I usually turn to my ankle boots which have a slight heel, they are super comfortable and I know I can wear them walking around all day and they are able to dress up an outfit at night. In the case that there is a special occasion I would put in some heels....if I have space. 

For clothing I've been looking into the weather, which will be a top of 11 degrees on Saturday and 9 on Sunday, not absolutely freezing but, still pretty cold. On the plane I'll wear my big winter coat and a pair of jeans, paired with a cute top and my boots. Because I'm travelling I don't like to wear lots of flashy jewellery, I'm planning to take my two rings that I always have on and a smalll pair of hooped earrings.

In my bag I'll have all of my essential items that I listed above plus a cute winter dress and some tights which I can easily pair with my boots and my jacket for an evening out and an extra shirt for the last day. Out of the clothing I am taking it ranges from black - grey -  burgundy to white which means I can mix and match with the few items I am taking! 



    •    passport

    •    tickets

    •    hotel booking

    •    phone charger

    •    adapter

    •    portable charger

    •    toothbrush + makeup

    •    download Milan onto my google maps (incase I can't find wifi and I'm lost) 


    •    Jacket

    •    Jeans

    •    2 x shirt

    •    dress

    •    ankle boots

    •    3 x socks

    •    underwear

    •    tights


Travelling is one of the most exciting things for me, being free and able to explore somewhere that you've never been before is so amazing. I love walking around and finding cute shops and cafes to try. Of course I always have a look at some of the main attractions before I explore any further. Milan was a place that was on my list for 2017 but I didn't quite get there. Luckily I am able to go early this year and I can't wait! 

Click on the pictures above to have a look and get these items too! 

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Have a lovely day x