New year = New goals

Some people take the coming of a new year very seriously. For someone who has been telling herself that every Monday is a fresh start for the past year and that today is the day, that I'll sit down and work on my business or today is the day I'll start working out...for real, when December crept up on me and I discovered 2018 was starting on a Monday I was pretty excited. I decided that THIS Monday was going to be the Monday that I actually go through with my goals and get stuff done and that this is the year for me.

As I sat down to write my resolutions I realised that my life didn't need to incur drastic changes in order for it to improve. I found out that less is more. That setting smaller goals that are more achievable will be easier to approach and theres a bigger chance that I can say I actually finished my New Year resolutions! 

To start off my process I made a list with two columns with one word in each. In the first column I had habits and things that I wanted to change (less of)  and in the corresponding column I had the thing I wanted to do more of or change it to (more of).  It looked something like this. 




Unhealthy food




Being lazy 













Working out 







This was just a basic template and some examples that you could use for yours! Its simple and gets straight to the point and if you have a bullet journal like me, its super aesthetic ;) I really like this idea and after speaking to some of my friends and showing them, they said they would use this style when writing theirs. I have this resolution list printed out on my wall, I use it purely to glance at and remind myself of the little things that I want to achieve this year. I use this list as a reminder. 

Unfortunately for me, I need a little bit more structure and information for my main list. For this, I spilt it into six categories and I wrote around six points in each that I wanted to achieve or work on this coming year. 

This is what my Yearly Resolutions ended up looking like. To me these goals were things that meant something to me. If you're thinking about making your own please sit down and think about all the things that matter to you and what you think will improve your life this year. Get creative, use pictures, stickers and colourful pens to make it something that you want to look at! If making you own list isn't your thing I have made you a basic template for 'Yearly Resolutions' that you can download and print. 

Yearly resolutions may not always be something that you stick to and thats okay, we're changing our ideas and perception on our lives all the time. It gives you time to think about the things that you really want even if they do change.

Ciao my Bellas and I hope you've all had a great start to the new year!

Ps. 8 days until MILAN