Inflight breakout

Have you ever boarded a plane with flawless skin, not a pimple or blemish and disembarked the complete opposite? I'm talking small breakouts, dry skin and a pimple coming up in a spot you swear you've never had one before because this happened to me. After traveling for a couple of years and many flights later I decided to do a bit of research into inflight breakouts as I noticed it was happening every time I flew. 

Of course, I look after my skin and I try not to wear too much makeup when I fly but do I need to go the extreme that I see most celebrities do by using hydrating masks, rosewater mist, and spot treatments. According to an article, I read the low humidity on airplanes tends to dry out the skin which leads to barrier disruption and causes skin irritation. Oil glands may then go into overdrive in response to the loss of skin oil and dryness during your flight. For some people, this can mean dry and itchy skin. Which means you're going to touch it thus putting more oils on your face and causing the bacteria to turn into a spot. 

To prevent such breakouts, drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated at the same time can work magic. Also using a hydrating spray, (under 100ml of course for airplane safety) such as rose water or aloe vera mist can give your skin a nice layer of hydration for your flight. Another tip which I will definitely be trying is wearing tinted moisturizer instead of makeup. When it comes down to it I honestly don't need to have my full makeup on for a flight so just having a small layer for that peace of mind would be perfect and considering it would be helping my skin at the same time, it's a win-win situation. 

The top tips that I want to pass on to you from my research are:

  1. Wash your face before boarding the plane and apply tinted moisturizer

  2. Apply another layer of moisturizer while you are on the flight ( I read one article about applying mist talking about the negative effects that it can have, personally I think applying moisturizer is easier than spraying rose water everywhere)

  3. Keep hydrated while in flight, I know you might not drink too much on flights because of the dreaded fact that you will have to climb over the person next to you to get to the bathroom but don't worry about them. When you've got to go, you've got to go.

  4. When you do finally land and you're settled in your hotel or home after the flight cleansing and exfoliating your skin with a gentle lukewarm wash will work wonders on getting rid of the dead skin that has accumulated and will remove the excess oils from the flight

  5. Last but not least, if your skin is prone to oiliness which mine sometimes can be, carry around some facial wipes, they're handy in every situation and you'll be able to give your face a quick refresh mid-flight and when you land.


These are some of my favourite products that I use that won't break your bank account! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed figuring out how to stop inflight brekaouts! 

Have a great Wednesday! 

Jordan xx 


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