Weekend Away: Milan

I sat on Skyscanner and put in the month February and destination anywhere. Milan popped up on my screen, tickets were 40 pounds return for two people. It took me no time at all to decide that I had to go. I texted my boyfriend letting him know that we were going and it was all booked.


Places: Milan, Bergamo Airport, Durango, Pizza Club No limits

After the new year the weekend came around fast and before I knew it I was on the plane to Milan, Italy. We landed at Bergamo airport and then had to catch a bus for 5 Euro to the center of Milan. It was an hour bus ride which I thought was quite inexpensive compared to what you pay in London. Instead of getting onto the metro for 11 minutes to the station our hotel was at we walked 40 minutes through the streets of Milan instead which was my boyfriends idea as he loves walking and I was bus sick :/  We saw lots of cool and new places on the way and even a funky restaurant which we later ended up going to and would never have come across if we didn't walk. Next, we checked into the hotel near the station, Durango. It was a quaint area just 11 minutes out of the center, we were literally a corner away from the metro station which was ideal and there were little shops and a highly rated restaurant just down the road. This was also the time where my phone decided to die and I wasn't able to use it for the whole trip! Luckily I could use my boyfriends! 

After unpacking and freshening up we headed to the restaurant we passed called "Pizza Club, No limits". It was a busy place and we too found out why. It was unlimited pizza + a drink and a coffee after for only 12 Euros!! The waiters walk around with big boards with pizza on top and come to your table offering you a piece and this is the hard part because you have to decide if you have room for that delicious barbecue chicken nugget slice or you want to save room for the Nutella pizza. There are 40+ pizzas being rotated around the room, sweet or savory it's your choice. After filling ourselves up on the pizza we left at around 11 and waddled back to the hotel with our full tummies and slept.


Places: Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio, Castello Sforzesco Castle

On Saturday morning after a good nights sleep for me (my boyfriend had a cold) we ventured down to the metro station and went 8 stops to the Duomo. Walking out of the station you come out into a square with the cathedral looking over it, and it is one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen. I later found out it took over six thousand workers, a new canal system and over six centuries to complete which is understandable when you see the enormity of detail in the architecture. It officially started to be built in 1386, so a little while ago. After getting the courage to walk through the pigeons ( I am terrified of birds) we went to see the Galleria Vittorio, which is a glorious building standing at a huge 47 metres in the dome. We slightly forgot about breakfast so we ducked into a cute cafe (Panini During) next door and grabbed two cappuccinos and a Nutella filled crossiant for me! New year diet resolutions don’t count on holidays right?! 

After seeing both of these and being surrounded by groups of tourists we decided to take the backstreets and walk towards Castello Sforzesco Castle which I didn't really know what it was because when I saw it at the end of the street I thought it was a train station...oops! This was a fascinating place to see, once you walk through the front doors it opens up into a square surrounded by walls and a moat. If you keep walking all the way to the back it opens up to a park which we ended up walking through for a couple of hours just because it was so peaceful and it was nice to walk and talk and take in the sun (that we don't get very often in London). It took us about another hour to find a little cafe to eat in, we had a nice spaghetti and a coffee to finish. It ended up being worth the walk.

As it was staring to get late we walked back through the city towards Centrale and came across a large crowd outside a hotel. I knew there were some models that I follow that were in town the weekend, we stood around for about 30 minutes trying to see who would come out, finally a designer from Docle and Gabanna appeared and King Comb. I'm sure the rest of the models were inside but we were hungry and standing around with 13 year old screaming girls was not an ideal way to pass the time. I found out later on that Dolce Gabanna fashion show was on and pretty much all of the famous models I follow were there.....I totally would've known if my phone hadn't died! 

We went back to the hotel at about 6 and absolutely crashed out form walking so much and reemerged again at around 9 hungry for some food. Walking for about 5 minutes we found a very traditional Italian restaurant with a chef that looked like he had been there forever! I had the yummiest pizza there and that was Saturday night! 


Places: Milan Centrale, Bergamo Airport, London Stansted

Sunday was a lazy day, even in Milan. We checked out of the hotel and headed towards central for breakfast. We walked around there a bit and hoped on the bus to the airport as its an hour bus ride and we needed to be there an hour before. I got one last slice of pizza and then we jetted off back to London.


Milan was an interesting city for me. It wasn't like any other that I've been to in Europe. As much as I enjoyed my trip there I wouldn't rush back. Maybe I didn't go the right places or see enough to really fall in love with it. For me, it all felt very disconnected and it was hard to find certain places. I didn't really know what to see or where to go even after researching. If I do go there in the future I will definitely take a walking tour of some description to try and get to know it better. The best bit about the trip was going somewhere new and out of London and spending some time together, which I think is nice for any couple especially when you live in one of the busiest cities in the world. Travelling is a nice way to connect with someone. My advice for this city would be to know where you're going and book a tour because I was a bit lost! 

Until next time 

Jordan x 

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