Moving Countires/ First post

This year has been something I like to call ‘The London Eye’. It has been big, has had lots of different carriages to step on and off and never stops giving you ups and downs. Moving countries has been no easy feat, just like someone getting on the London Eye who’s afraid of heights. At the start of the year, I had no fear of heights and I jumped on the bandwagon over to the UK with not much of a plan. After a failed attempt at settling into the job I had lined up ( I stayed there for 2 hours), I had to pull myself out of the rut I fell into.

As I’m nearing the new year and thinking about all of the amazing things I have planned ahead I know there is no way in hell that I would have dreamt about doing them this time last year. As cliche as it is, I became a whole new person. I learnt how to live by myself, cook, clean, do the washing, go to work in the morning and earn enough money to pay rent and be able to afford to have fun and going out all at the same time. I quickly realised being an adult was hard. 

Moving to London was my main goal and after about two months I moved right to the centre. My room overlooked Regent-street, I could practically see the neon glowing of the Oxford Circus tube signs. I was living the real London Life. This is when I realised that I needed to start living.

The things I want you to take away from my blog and its content are how to start living because I wasn’t and I didn’t exactly know how to begin. I will be posting here every Wednesday with new posts on:


  • What it was like moving countries

  • Making friends when you're new

  • How to find somewhere to rent

  • How to properly save money when you need to be on a budget

  • How to get a job and experience

  • Making the most your city has to offer

  • Travelling

and much much more…

I can’t wait to share more of my story and experiences with you soon! 

Qué tenga un buen día (it means have a nice day in Spanish, guilty of trying to learn spanish ;) ) 

Jordan xx